Every call, optimized. Every pitch, perfected.

Full Customizable Contact Manager

Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Your Customized Phone System

Upload unlimited amounts of contacts and organize all of the data you need to communicate with your contacts in the most effective way.

Customize and manage the flow of every single call that comes into your business. Know exactly where and who to send them to in order to maximize every single opportunity.

Every single bit of flash and dazzle when it comes to your own phone system is here with Hot Prospector. Set up call menus, unique greetings, autodialers, drop ringless voicemails and more.

Booking Calendar

SMS Marketing System

Elite Level Email System

Booking Calendar, Tracking Reports, Team Management and Monitoring. No matter what aspect of prospecting, follow up and conversion you need in your business… ITS HERE!

Leverage the fast track power of text messaging in your marketing messages. Gain the ability to create text message campaigns and reach out with unlimited text messages to anxious subscribers and prospects. Watch your conversions go on a tear with text!

Immediately create high converting email campaigns and blast them to thousands of potential clients. Set yourself up for a continuous flow of email marketing to the masses in order to maximize your clients and subscribers.

Sales Dialer Features

  •  Use Telnyx or Twilio
  •  Power Dialer
  •  Progressive Dialer (3-Line)
  •  3-Line Dialer
  •  Voicemail Drop
  •  Workflow Automation
  •  CRM (Contact Manager)
  •  Local Presence
  •  Phone Extensions
  •  Caller ID Reputation
  •  One-Click Emails
  •  Ringless Voicemail Drops
  •  Pipelines
  •  Sales Forecasting
  •  Probability Reporting
  •  Mobile App
  •  Inbound Campaigns
  •  Task Manager
  •  Conversation Intelligence
  •  Booking Calendar
  •  Time Tracker
  •  Two-Way Texting
  •  Commission Reports
  •  Ai Call Summaries
  •  Call Reporting

Business Phone System (Drag & Drop)


  •  Local or Toll-Free Numbers
  •  Supports 218 Countries
  •  Advanced IVR
  •  Advanced Call Flows
  •  Team Inboxes
  •  Call Transfers
  •  Ring Groups
  •  Call Recording
  •  Call Whisper
  •  Soft Phone
  •  User Phone Extensions
  •  Enhanced Hours
  •  Auto Replies


  •  Automatic Tagging
  •  No Call/Message Mark-Ups
  •  Spam Blocking
  •  Call Forwarding
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