Meet the Team!

Justin Barton

Commercial Real Estate Associate, Consultant, RE Investor & Syndicator 

Justin Barton has been an entrepreneur for over 14 years. Starting his first business in 2008. Having worked in the Telecommunication industry for over a decade, scaling a one-man operation to a Multi-Million dollar a year operation spanning six states across the Midwest with just under 100 professionals working daily with content providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T, Comcast, etc. 

In 2019 as the telecommunications industry shifted, Justin noticed industry trends involving the real estate field. “I noticed an opportunity to become a part of a growing industry,” he said. “I could see limitless opportunities to partner with real estate agents, investors, and other industry-related professionals.

As a Michigan native, Justin is familiar with area trends and influences. He has built solid relationships with local real estate professionals and works tirelessly to provide top-producing results.

Nick Huffman

Realtor, Consultant, RE Investor and Syndicator

Nicholas Huffman, is renowned for his exceptional leadership in operational management and real estate. With a rich history in telecommunications, he propelled the company to impressive growth, increasing seasonal revenue by 20% for several years and reducing costs by 8%. His strategic skills in managing $3.5 million in annual revenue and five full-service centers underscored his operational expertise.

At Walter Mortgage Servicing, Nicholas distinguished himself as a Divisional Supervisor, adeptly managing a $12 million portfolio and achieving the lowest delinquency ratio in the Northern Division in 2005. His real estate acumen was further highlighted by record sales of repossessed homes.

Educated at Radford University and the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, Nicholas’s journey is marked by consistent excellence, making him an integral part of Connextion’s success

Joe Fortuna

Real Estate Broker, Agent, Licensed MLO NMLS 161819 and certified Con-Ed Instructor.  

Since 1998, Joseph Fortuna has been a mortgage loan originator and real estate professional, having served over 1000 clients before teaching.

Joe’s sports, coaching, and financial advising background have evolved into a rewarding career of teaching, mentoring, and working hands-on with real estate and mortgage professionals.  He owns and maintains a real estate brokerage and a mortgage origination branch (NMLS#161819).

Joe started teaching SAFE ACT courses in 2010 and has grown Fortuna Academy into a reliable and unique resource for accredited and elective real estate and mortgage education, investment strategies, financial loss mitigation courses, and professional sales training.

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