You Ask, We Answer!

😞 “I'm overwhelmed by AI and setting up chatbots, and I'm worried I'll miss out on client bookings.”

😃 “Our ScheduleBot Guide will have your AI powered chatbot running and booking appointments FAST!”

😞 “My current CRM is hard to use and I don't have hours to waste learning how to use a new one”

😃 “Our Fast On-Boarding will show you how to set up your new account lightning fast!

😞 “I've got a database of old dead leads and no strategy. They feel like lost opportunities.”

😃 “Our Revive Dead Leads System will show you how to breath new life into your old “dead” leads!

😞 “I've heard horror stories about wasted money on Facebook Ads. I'm scared to even try.”

😃 “Our Facebook Ads course will show you to easily set up a successful Facebook Ad campaign!”

😞 “I'm constantly overworked, stuck doing repetitive tasks and feel like I can't escape the daily grind.”

😃 “Our Replace Yourself Kit will help you automate your business, with worksheets & shortcuts!

Does Connextion have a Mobile App?

Yes! It is available for FREE on both Apple App Store  & Google Play Store

Can you connect to my Social Media Accounts?

YES! We can connect to your social media accounts as an authorized partner to assist with your Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Google Ads!

Are there any usage costs that are additional?

Depending on your plan and the type of marketing services you are using on a highly frequent basis, there can be additional usage fees related to SMS, Email verfication and Content Ai creation. We have a breakdown of any additional fees here

I'm not savvy with Technology, will you set up my Connextion?

YES, we have a onboarding process that is seemless as possible and we will support you every step of the way to ensure that everything is intergrated into Connextion so you can experience the streamlined and robust benefits of Connextion!

What if I have additional questions?

Our Support staff is here for you! You can call, text, email or chat with us 24/7!

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